My partner Casey Durkin and I recently shot singer Telana Nicole for an Interview in Galore Magazine, check out the interview below: 

Telana is a hippie/gypsy singer-songwriter who just released her EP ‘Gemini’ this year. She has been around the block in the music biz for a minute, collabing with everyone who is anyone, and is ready to step out on her own and create her own album! As inspired as we were by her single, we couldn’t resist asking Telana about her inspiration, her musical background, and her top tips for creating a bomb EP. Check out her answers, below.
Who have you worked with recently?
London Richards, OverDoz and Cam O’bi.
What’s the difference between making art and making music?
Well they are essentially the same thing! its just a matter of how you express the way you are feeling whether thats visual or sonically. For me, my passion is truly just expressing myself. I just recently started expressing myself in a more visual way. I’ve been doing music longer so its easier to get my vision across but i believe the skill level of your medium doesn’t need to compromise the art. If you let the emotion take its path naturally, then raw, primitive unlearned art has its own beauty.
Did you grow up in a musical family?
Not really, however my parents did expose me to all the music that made me who I am so I would say yes. I grew up on a lot of reggae and old school R&B and that taught me a lot about the effect music had on people and made me fall in love.
How do you incorporate your hippie/ gypsy feel into your music?
I’m just honest. I don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right. As long as I’m being genuine and feeling every single line with my whole heart then vibes are unavoidable.
Does music influence your style, or is it the other way around?
I feel like everything in my life influences everything.
What are your top 3 tips for creating a bomb EP?
Be you.
Don’t force anything.
Find a rhythm with the person you are collaborating with.
What album are you looking forward to this year?
Hopefully my own!! I’ve been just making music without a goal but it’s slowly starting to become something and it’s very exciting to see that take place organically, whether I’m ready to put a full project out this year or just put out singles.
Who are your artistic icons? Can you cite one piece that has influenced your artistic style the most?
I have a healthy obsession with India Arie. Other than her, I love a lot of soul music and reggae artists. It’s constantly changing though. I like to mix the old with the new.
What can we expect next from Telena?
If I believed in expectations I might know the answer to that question

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