Backstage | Erykah Badu

Backstage | Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu_Bukunmi Grace

Film Photography, Chicago Summer 2011

Let me tell you about the magic that happens in the city of Chicago, IL. One sunny afternoon, my friend Naamerly Badger and I ran into @erykahbaduofficial sitting in the lobby of Daley Plaza with her flute player and her manager. Her manager asked if we could take her to a thrift store. We offered suggestions, afterwards Erykah graciously invited us to come backstage and  hang out after her show at the Chicago Theatre. When we were backstage, I asked Ms. Badu what inspires her the most and her answer resonated deeply. She replied, ” I’m mesmerized by everything: my kids,  love, by the planets and the stars, nature… everything.

What are you inspired by?


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