Offset x Fear of God

Offset of Migos Cashes in on the Latest Fear of God in This Exclusive Editorial

Imagine walking into a studio in Downtown Los Angeles to photograph one of the most talked-about rappers of today. Now pretend that upon arrival you are told that the talent has taken a detour to a car dealership with the intention of purchasing a new Bentley truck. It was an interesting if not a bit awkward moment to find myself in, but in some intrinsic way, it all made sense. Of course, at that moment, I did not know that this would only be the first of many surprises that evening. The second being that I got to preview of one of my favorite collections by Jerry Lorenzo – the fifth and latest season of Fear of God.

Fear of God’s most recent collection has been described by Vogue as a, “pared down approach with a focus on luxury details and tailoring, and inspiration drawn from (Jerry’s) childhood.” Coming from a famously persnickety heritage publication, it’s a rather generous description that recognizes streetwear and high fashion are now irreversibly conflated. In viewing the pieces, I was able to further understand why archetypal teen rebel, John Bender, who cemented his heartthrob status in The Breakfast Club, is the perfect reference for this collection. Fear of God’s mash-up of activewear and reconstructed classics complement our current obsession with street wear through focused on details.

Since we were talent-less, Jerry and I engaged in over two hours of conversation on his inspiration, roots and future endeavors. It would be fair to say that we were ecstatic when we finally welcomed our shoot model, Offset. Rapper, influencer and member of the iconic trio Migos, Offset is a key figure in the groups hits “Bad and Boujee,” “T-shirt,” “Versace” and more. After a round of introductions Offset breezed onto set and made a bee-line straight for the collection.

He proved to be a natural self-stylist and insisted on pairing his Saint Laurent classic court sneakers, Gucci fur slides and Nike x VLONE Air Force Ones with some of our favorite FOG pieces. The best accessory (besides his smile), was the array of diamonds, Chanel sunglasses and Louis Vuitton satchels he brought with him. Offset was quick to highlight his various accessories in each self-crafted look, including his stacks of money.

Although short, the photo shoot was certainly a movie.

See Fear of God’s massive fifth collection in full here

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